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Why We Should Have a Family Website?

Family is the smallest unit of the community and it is a type of organization too. Just like any organization, it will benefit from online presence. Social media is a common way to interact with distant relatives and friends, but many families tend to neglect the importance of websites. A website for families are typically developed as blogs to provide latest updates about the family. With the Internet, we will be able to instantly connect with everyone and our website can become a more stable platform than typical social media walls. The memorable moment when Bobby caught his fish could be buried forever by new social media status. However, with blogs; we will be able to put important photos in a special gallery page.

Email is also a way to communicate with others through online means, but it’s also less convenient than standard websites and blogs. With email messages, we typically attach images and other important files; but they will soon be buried by new email messages. Even if we have downloaded the attached files, we may often forget where stored them. The gallery section of oir blog should be shown prominently, so it will be much easier for people to check our latest and best photographs. We don’t need to worry about losing our photographs, because all the most important photos can be placed on top. We should also know that family blog is more than about uploading pictures and writing stories, it is also about communicating with others.

Communication is an important factor if we want to establish a successful family blog. The website may also have integrated email address, allowing us better flexibility for communicating with others and we don’t need to rely on free email hosting. When using family website, we should make sure that it can be kept highly secure. It means that we need to use passwords that are very difficult to guess or break. In order to improve security, password should be given only to one person. This individual is given the task of updating and maintaining the website. There are many website modules that can make our online presence more functional. As an example, we may use calendar modules that can inform others about our incoming activities.

Creating and maintaining a family website doesn’t require special technical skill. Families with low budget could use content management systems, especially WordPress. It is a very easy platform that can be maintained easily. Anyone who knows how to use Microsoft Word should be able to use the editing module easily to create great posts. WordPress could also be integrated with various plugins, widgets and themes for better functionality and visuals. Overall, having family website is a rewarding and fun experience, especially if everyone is willing to contribute in the project. A successful family website will encourage others to do the same and it is possible for us to create strong connections beyond typical social media platforms. It is always a good idea to improve our online presence.

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