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Do Your Family Really Need a House?

This may sound quite drastic, but something that parents need to consider. Houses are enormously expensive and they can become a huge monster that requires continuous care. We need an immense amount of money and effort to purchase a house and it can be amazingly demanding. Houses are more than just walls, roofs and floor. Many families also need to spend a significant amount of money for gardens, pools, fences, landscaping and others. Some families may also need to deal with changes in trends to make sure that they can resell the house in the future.

There are also other expenses related to housing, such as insurance and taxes; both can be quite expensive in the long run. Incremental costs can be high, such as expenses for gas, electricity and water. The privilege of owning a house can really be expensive and many families simply can’t afford that. This could cause them to accumulate a significant amount of debt. Owning a house is a good thing, but some families at certain point of time may avoid having one. It is a good thing if we are able to dispose excess stuff. It can be quite liberating if we are able to avoid having a house that can be quite burdensome.

The financial advantage of having a house is apparent, if we do have enough money to purchase and maintain them. If not, we need to find the cheapest apartment or houses. Some of these affordable accommodation could be located strategically inside the city limit. Instead of having a complete house, we may consider renting a cheap, small apartment. We will have much less chores to take care of each day. We won’t need to prune the trees and groom the lawn. Of course, the apartment should have the right kind of design, so we will be able to live comfortably.

By choosing to rent a cheap apartment, we will be able to save money, that can be used as down payment to purchase a real house in the future. The money could also be placed in a secure, low-yield platform, so we will be able to gain profit in a long term period. When choosing an apartment, we could choose a location near places like gyms, saunas, fitness centers, schools and more importantly, workplace. This will allow us to save on the commuting costs. Many apartments don’t require us to pat for regular repairs and upkeep, as long as we are not responsible for sudden and major damage.

When choosing an affordable apartment, we should make sure that it can deliver all that our family needs. In some cases, we could live for more than a decade in a single apartment, so it is a good thing if we are able to find the best possible accommodation for our family. An apartment should be sensible for a small family with two children. In order to make our family to cope with the limited living space, we should instill the proper habit. We also need to avoid buying too much stuff to reduce clutter in our small apartment.

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