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TOP 6 ROOMY-BODY Cars for Road Trips

Omaha is a city that is worth visiting. People like coming here for a family vacation or in business. Are you fond of American history? You should visit Durham Museum. This is one of the country largest historical places. Actually, you can find a lot of interesting places to see on Omaha. Traveling in business you should go to Downtown where most of the international business companies are represented. The city cultural center welcomes you to see the arts, museums, galleries. How are you going to get around?

Lexus UX 2018


Public transport is usually cheap in Omaha. Visitors can choose to drive, walk or take the metro. Of course, the best and the fastest way to get around the city is car rental. You can find the biggest rental office in the local airport. can help you to book a car online far before the trip. Don’t worry about the navigation. A car with GPS can find a way to see more places in the shortest terms. The main long streets are named with numbers. The streets running from east to west are named so that you can easily find what you want and get from the airport to the hotel, restaurant, or any of the local museums.


  1. Try Audi A6

This Audi model is a mid-size sedan of luxury class. It has a powerful six-cylinder engine and stylish interior. This can be a perfect vehicle for solo trips and friendly getaways. There is no much space inside the car but it is usually enough for a driver and four passengers. Anyway, you have a large trunk for luggage and all the road essentials.

  1. Try Buick TourX

This is a version of Subaru-like crossover with a powerful engine and all-wheel-drive. The interior is functional and comfortable. The car exterior looks luxury and worth your money. A quiet cabin and special tuning technology make it even more attractive for modern roads. It is good for long distance traveling.

Chevrolet Suburban

  1. Try Chevrolet Suburban

This is probably the biggest SUV offer form Chevrolet. The car has everything you may need on the road. The road trip package includes a roomy cabin for 4-8 passengers and lots of cool amenities like Wi Fi hotspot, sensitive screens, HD monitors, GPS navigator, and DVD player. The car engine has eight cylinders and you may use this power to the full. The car is good for a city and suburban drive. You will never be afraid to lose your way in such a modernly equipped car.

  1. Try Lexus UX

Why don’t you try a new crossover from Lexus? Don’t worry that the car is too large for your small family. It is compact and really great looking. What is more, this is an electric vehicle with the highest mileage. The cargo area is small but practical. The car looks small inside but large enough in reality. Don’t forget about the legendary Lexus safety. This is the company you can trust to.

Lexus UX 2019

  1. Try Hyundai Palisade

What can you say about the newest SUV from Hyundai? The interior will impress you the most with its luxury and comfort. This is the most comfortable SUV for long distance driving. It is equipped with the newest technologies and trendy goodies. Actually, you can find in the car everything that helps you in driving, changing interior, controlling passengers. How can you control your passengers? Simply, you can give them more comfort with three rows of seats, voice control, climate control, and a sound system. Also, your passengers can use an individual lights and warming control. It can be a helpful feature when you are driving at night or when the weather is cool. As a driver you can control everything on your dashboard.

2010 Toyota Prius

  1. Try Toyota Prius

Do you need a large car for more than 5 passengers with much cargo space? Pay attention to Toyota Prius. The car is equipped with all modern facilities, including the full suite of in-car options. What does that mean? That simply means you can control the car from the driver’s seat with the help of your dashboard panel. Don’t forget that the car look like a compact vehicle but pretty large inside with enough space for your luggage. It can be a perfect variant for both short and long distance driving.

What is your favorite car for traveling? It is important to pick the car not only as a fast and easy-control means of transport, but also as a comfortable space for your passenger to co-exist together peacefully. Of course, renting a car you should look at the price and not only. Pay attention to its mileage, interior facilities, space, and mobility. Consider the number of traveling people and their luggage. Any ideas? Check first.

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