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How to Encourage Family Members to Eat More Vegetables?

While many people enjoy eating fruit, vegetables can still be the dreaded enemy. Fruits are easier to eat because they are not only sweet, but also flavorful. On the other hand, vegetables tend to be bland and sometimes even somewhat bitter. They are almost the same with distinctive leaves-like taste. However, vegetables are essential if we want to have balanced and healthy meal. Even so, it can be a struggle for parents to provide an average of 4 servings of vegetables for each family member. On the other hand, people tend to like meat more. Although meat isn’t always bad; especially fish and other low-fat, white meats, many parents really struggle to make sure that family members are willing to eat more vegetables. In this case, parents should be able to get more creative by slipping more vegetables in places where family members don’t expect. As an example, vegetables with more neutral taste can be mixed with the breakfast fruit smoothies. Strong-flavored fruits can be used in these smoothies to mask any scent and mild flavor of vegetables.

Strong flavored fruits may include banana, pineapple and mango. Some spices, like a bit of nutmeg can also make smoothies taste better. Some strawberry could also make the smoothies have attractive color, although it doesn’t have particularly strong flavor like many tropical fruits. Another great way to encourage family members to eat vegetable is by putting more in sandwiches and burgers. We could put fresh cucumber, tomato and lettuce. We may also put coleslaw with plenty of cabbage and carrot in it, into the sandwiches and burgers. While making sandwiches and burgers, we should consider using fish and low-meat white meat instead to cut down on the bad fat and cholesterol intake. Occasional high-fat, red meat consumption is acceptable, but we should make it our primary ingredient. For healthier option, we may also use whole-grain bread and low-fat cheese. Some people enjoy eating vegetables because they are crunchy, especially when they eat lettuce and cabbage. With croutons and tasty dressings; we should be able to make a wonderful bowl of salad with both.

Some vegetables can also be used as snacks. Carrot is slightly sweet and has pleasant taste when it’s freshly cut. Not only fruits, celery stalks could also taste good when eaten with peanut butter. Small pieces of lettuce can be mixed with some cheese in small bowl, which is a good snack while watching TV. Another way to make vegetables taste better is by making soup. It’s a great when mixed with chicken and the right kinds of herbs and spices, including garlic, nutmeg or basil. This is a great way of cutting down on the meat consumption. It is better to get the whole family involved in increasing the consumption of vegetables. They should be taught on the overall benefits of eating more vegetables. Our task will be much easier if family members are eager to eat more vegetables.

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