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The Best Budget-friendly Restaurants You Must Eat At In London

London is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to high-street shopping. It is also fantastic for the historical architecture, theatres and museums. However, something else that London is known for is its restaurants. 

There are numerous Michelin-starred restaurants located in the capital. Not to mention the home of some of the best chefs in the industry. It is a fantastic place to enjoy food whilst enjoying food across the UK. 

London is also known for being very expensive, especially in its restaurants. Nevertheless, London is a big city and it has many affordable restaurants which go under the radar. Let’s take a look at some of the best affordable restaurants this city has to offer. 

What Is The Best Cuisine In London? 

One of the biggest positives about London is that there are numerous cuisines to choose from. To some people, that could be an issue as they don’t know which to decide. It leads to tourists asking the same question over and over again. “Which cuisine is London best for?” There isn’t the best cuisine in London as there are so many to choose from. So, it all comes down to you on the day. Whatever cuisine you want, google the restaurants which serve that kind of food. 

Which Part Of London Is Most Popular For Its Food? 

When visiting London, you will soon find it is a very large city. It is full of many different areas with a fantastic selection of restaurants. Soho seems to be the golden spot when fine dining however, these are not cheap. If you want more affordable food, visit Covent Garden. Here, they have numerous restaurants which have pre-theatre menus, perfect for affordable food and just before you visit the theatre.


Both of these areas are popular amongst the locals as they have a wide range of cuisines and menus at mixed prices. If you want to go somewhere less busy and expensive, you can always visit Shoreditch, Notting Hill, Brixton and Islington for more affordable menus. 

Different Affordable Restaurants In London 

Now that we have listed some of the best areas in London to eat. Let’s look at them in more detail to find the best and most affordable restaurants in the city.

Andu Ethiopian Vegan Cafe

It is the first one on the list and if you are vegan, it is the perfect restaurant for you. The issue with most vegan restaurants is that the food lacks flavour however, that is not the case with Andu Ethiopian Vegan Cafe. It has a large selection of meals to choose from at an affordable price, making it one of the best Vegan restaurants in the city. 


This is another fantastic restaurant and it opened in 2012, making it one of the more recent restaurants on the list. Furthermore, if you adore pasta, this is the restaurant for you. Not to mention that most of its meals are under the price of £16. It is something that everybody needs when they are looking for affordable restaurants. If you ever go to Padella, we highly recommend the Tiramisu they have which is only £7. 

Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella is another Italian restaurant and you can guarantee you will get your money’s worth here. Furthermore, their plates are packed with flavour and it has a great atmosphere in the restaurant. If you want a romantic setting and a cheap meal, visit Ciao Bella as they have a live piano performance every night. Not to mention the fact they make some fantastic Pizzas making it a great spot for a midweek meal. 


Time to start looking at the amazing Thai restaurants that London has to offer. The first on our list is KaoSarn and if you are visiting south London, there are three fabulous restaurants to choose from. This restaurant offers you traditional dishes which the chefs learnt from their mother. It will guarantee traditional flavours from the other side of the world but, at a very affordable price. Even if you are in Central London, we highly recommend this restaurant so hop on the train and head to one of the KaoSarn restaurants. 


Last but certainly not least is Singburi. Again, it is another affordable Thai restaurant located outside of central London, in Stratford. Additionally, this restaurant is very old school because they don’t have a website. Instead, visit their Instagram page to see what they have to offer. If you want fresh and affordable food packed with Thai flavours, Singburi should be near the top of your list. 

Best Food Markets In London

Somewhere you can guarantee affordable food is a food market. Luckily for you, London is full of fantastic markets which have plenty of food stalls you can visit. Let’s look at some of the best food markets located in and around the capital. 



Broadway Market

Up first is Broadway Market and this fantastic food market has a variety of different stalls which you can eat at. Furthermore, it has over 100 stalls packed with food stalls full of flavours. However, it is a busy market due to its variety so if you want to enjoy food when it is quiet, don’t go during peak hours on the weekend. 

Seven Dials Market

Seven dials market is another great place to visit, especially if you want affordable food that is flavoursome. You can either eat in the market or go down the stairs where you can enjoy your food at one of the tables and chairs. You can also order it for your table if you would prefer that. This market adapted to modern society which is why many people prefer this market compared to the others. 

Borough Market

Borough Market is one of the most popular markets in the capital. This fantastic market has a variety of stalls which includes butchers, bakeries, cheesemakers and many more. Moreover, this market has been around since the twelfth century, making it one of the oldest markets in the world. 

Arcade Food Hall

This is the final food market on the list and it is great to enjoy a range of flavours at an affordable price. Moreover, it is located in central London so if you have recently visited one of the main tourist attractions of the city, this is the perfect place to stop off and enjoy one of the many stalls it has to offer.


The issue with London is that it has built a poor reputation where many people think it is expensive, no matter where you go. However, that is not the case as you can find many affordable places to eat in and around the capital. Whether you have left your car at Harrods Car Park or are further away from the city centre, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to affordable eating in London. 

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