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How to Protect the Family During a Flu Outbreak?

It can be a bit scary if our one of our children comes home with what might be symptoms of flu. This will threaten the rest of the family with new strain of flu. Contagion inside the house is quite probable when we consider the fact that the common method to deal with people who have flu is by confining them inside the house until they get better. Fever is a sign that the virus is still alive and kicking inside our body. It’s a physical response due to the introduction of new organisms into our system. It means that flu can be transmitted quite easily. This is something that the family isn’t encouraged to “share”. There are many ways to keep the family healthy during a flu outbreak. An obvious way is to quarantine the affected individual in a “sick room”, The room should be well ventilated. When parents enter the room, they should watch what they are touching and immediately wash their hands when they leave. This will prevent the flu spreading to siblings, especially toddlers and infants.


Elderly and pregnant women are also vulnerable to effects of flu and they should be kept away from the sick room or anyone with flu symptom. Inside the sick room, the affected family members should have warm, highly nutritious meal, as well as enough rest. Letting the fresh air to enter the room during the morning is a good way to remove the stale air and the person will feel much better. Also, this will significantly reduce the possible contamination inside the house. Flu is generally a mild health problem and won’t cause stress or depression. Even so, it is important to help the affected individual to deal with the boredom. A happy and relaxed mind will have positive effects on our body, resulting in faster recovery. Books are simple things that can keep our mind occupied during sickness. TV and mobile devices could also be quite helpful in dealing with boredom. However, we should know that using mobile devices and watching TV too long will prevent the affected individual from having enough rest and this will slow down recovery, or even extend the period of sickness.

The most important thing is to focus on how to prevent getting the virus in the first place. Family members should be given basic knowledge on how to avoid getting the virus. Flu spreads quickly because the virus can be transmitted easily through hand contamination and aerosol dispersal. The best policy is to avoid getting near with anyone who is sneezing or coughing frequently. Children should be asked to avoid touching their mouth and nose when they are outside and when they arrive home, it is important to wash their hands immediately. Disposable mask should be useful to prevent droplets from reaching our nose and mouth. However, we should know that viruses are very small and some of them will still be able to penetrate the mask with the air that we inhale. Even so, we won’t inhale virus-ridden droplets directly.

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