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How Families Can Withstand Severe Heat Wave?

The weather can be quite unpredictable. Other heat wave isn’t as destructive as flood, blizzard and storm; it is still a quite risky situation and may cause deaths among elderly and people with weak physical conditions. As the thermometer is rising above the normal level, we should prepare the family for the possible negative effects. Bad things can happen if we neglect some of the common senses. It is safe to leave infants and toddlers inside the car during a cool, early spring day; but this can turn into a deadly situation when the heat wave strikes our area. If we want to do exercise, it is important to perform this activity only in the early morning and we should bring enough water to avoid dehydration. If the condition is severe enough, we may need to exercise in the gym with properly controlled temperature. When we are walking outside, it is a good idea to wear a heat or bring a large umbrella. Pets should be able to cope with higher temperature as long as we put them in well ventilated areas and provide enough water.

Because we want to achieve proper hydration, it is a good thing for us to skip alcohol and caffeine. Elderly should be better protected during this situation. During the hottest time of the day, we may need to go to libraries or shopping malls, because they are usually cooler. During a heat wave situation, keeping our hydration and health condition are better things; so conserving electricity isn’t really an issue. In order to avoid skin problems due to continuous exposure we should use sun block products. When we need to walk, we should make sure that we do that in the late evening or early morning. If we really need to go outside during a hot day, our family may plan to do the activity late in the evening or early morning. This should be a good time to mow the lawn or wash the car. When it gets really unbearable outside, it is better to stay inside the house and turn on the air conditioner. When we use hat, we should use broad brimmed hat, instead of only baseball cap. Don’t wear the hat too tightly to ensure that there’s enough air circulation and our head can be cooler.

Family pet should be closely monitored and we need to find out whether they can really withstand the extreme weather. Again, we need to use common sense. If the pet is normally placed outside, we may consider confining it with a chain or fence, so it will stay under the shade and don’t move too much. We need to provide some extra water and if the situation is severe enough, we may consider putting the pet inside our house. We shouldn’t put the pet too long inside the car, as it’s baked under the sun. If you don’t have an air conditioning unit, it is better to prepare an area of the house where the temperature is the coolest.

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