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3 Reasons Why Your Truck Needs to be Well-Maintained

3 Reasons Why Your Truck Needs to be Well-Maintained

When your business uses trucks to transport goods of any sort, it’s important that any deliveries made are on time. After all, when your customers are counting on shipments to be on time, showing that they can rely on your business’s delivery service will give them more reason to buy from you over and over again. Even if you start out with a single truck, if you play your cards right, you’ll be looking for a Kenworth semi truck for sale, for example, to expand your fleet before you know it.

The thing is, traffic, road accidents, and sudden changes in weather can affect delivery times. Most factors are out of your control, but how well your truck operates is the one factor you have a say in. Proper maintenance is the key to ensuring the truck works well, but besides that, why should you keep your truck well maintained?

Maintenance means better mileage

Yes, regular vehicle maintenance can and will improve your truck’s mileage, because it helps catch issues that keep the truck from operating efficiently. For instance, if the tires don’t have enough air in them, you could end up spending more on fuel because the truck has to work harder to get where it’s going. If there’s something wrong with the drivetrain, the truck will be difficult to maneuver, and that affects fuel efficiency, too. 

Other possible causes of low fuel efficiency include dirty filters, improperly fitted hoses, stuck brakes, and leaky fuel lines. Whatever problems the truck may develop, a mechanic can only catch them if you regularly bring the vehicle in for inspection. 

Proper maintenance reduces your cost of operation

Experts say that, even if the costs for preventative maintenance may seem a little too much, they’re always lower than the cost of repairs, especially if an accident leads to a significant amount of damage. So investing in maintenance is by far the better choice, especially if your fleet contains a few large trucks and there’s no guarantee medical care won’t be needed after an accident. 

As mentioned above, though, regular maintenance will help identify and fix any mechanical issues with the truck that could affect how safe it is to drive it. Not only will this lessen the possibility of accidents, but it will also lower how much you have to pay to keep the fleet operating.

Proper truck maintenance also means your trucks stay on the road longer, minimizing downtime due to breakdowns. Not having to wait for a truck to be deemed safe to drive means saving money from possible repair costs, lessening your operating costs in the process.  

A well maintained truck is one that’s safe to drive

Whether you’re a fleet manager or one of the drivers handling a certain route, remember that the driver’s safety is as important as bringing the cargo where it needs to go. That means trucks that aren’t properly maintained will put the driver at more risk than necessary.

Just as you rely on your drivers to deliver products and keep your business going, they’re relying on you to make sure they’re safe when on the road.

As you can see, the reasons aren’t that different from those given for why you should keep a family car properly maintained. So make sure you follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for a maintenance schedule, and you won’t have to worry about your trucks getting from Point A to Point B.

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