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The Complete Guide To Camping

Camping is a great way to separate yourself from the big city and enjoy the countryside around you. There are so many fantastic nature trails you can go on, never mind the numerous camping spots all over the country. 

It is a great way to enjoy a weekend, testing your survival skills and enjoying the countryside around you. However, if you have never camped before, it can be quite scary. Camping is something that tests your survival skills and planning. Nevertheless, it is still relatively simple as long as you stick to basic camping guides. Luckily for you, we have gathered some of the best tips from experienced campers and put them all into one article. 

Pick A Campsite

On your first camping trip, it is fairly rogue to go camping in the wild with little to no experience. That is why you must consider camping at a campsite. That way, you will get roughly the same experience and learn something for when you do the proper thing. To find a campsite near you, all you need to do is find a campsite not too far away from your home. If you want, you can pick somewhere far away to give yourself a new area to explore.  

If this is your first time camping, we highly recommend you pick a campsite that has all the facilities you need. We also suggest you pick a campsite that isn’t too far away from a grocery store if you ever run out of food or drink on your camping trip. 

Buy A Tent

Once you have found your campsite, you need to find a tent that is big enough for whoever you are camping with. When picking your tent, you need to think about the location you are going to. If it is muddy and a wet area, you will need a waterproof tent. However, most if not all tents are waterproof but you need a communal area inside your tent to store all your belongings.

Pop Up Tents

If you are a beginner at assembling tents, pop-up tents are the ideal tent for you. They are so easy to assemble alone as well. The reason why is that all of the hard work is done for you. This includes the poles that you would usually need to add to a tent. A pop-up tent is a time saver and is great for those who don’t know how to assemble a tent. Plus, it is perfect for those who are camping on their own. 

Family Tents

Family tents are very stressful to assemble because you need the family to assemble them. They are difficult to put up and you can guarantee that the instructions don’t line up. You can guarantee that these will cause family arguments.

Family tents are great because they have multiple sections in the tent that separates everybody from each other. For a family of four, you can get a tent with two rooms or three if the younger ones don’t want to stay in the same room. These family tents will also have plenty of room inside to store your valuables. 

Backpacker Tents

If you are going on a hike to get to your campsite, you need a backpacker tent as they are much more portable. They are waterproof, windproof and are much lighter than the average tent. The only issue with these tents is that they are relatively small, similar to a popup tent. If you are camping with a large group, it is advised that everybody has one tent each. 

Purchasing Sleeping Bags

Another tip for your camping trip is to make sure you have a sleeping bag. We can guarantee the ground you will be sleeping on won’t be comfortable and therefore will require a sleeping bag. We also recommend you bring a yoga mat underneath your sleeping bag to give you that extra comfort. Furthermore, you need to check what the temperature will be at night to make sure you get the correct tog for the trip. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Camping isn’t going to be easy the first time you do it. It can also be quite frustrating for some. We advise before you go to your campsite, you must practice putting up your tent. You can lose a lot of time putting together a tent, especially if it is the first time you have done it. Nevertheless, if you practice putting it up at home, it won’t take you anywhere near as long as you are at the campsite. Make sure you get plenty of practice before you put it together. 

Build Your Camping Checklist

Another thing to do for your camping trip is to put together a checklist. You need to make sure you treat this like you are going abroad for a week. However, some things are different which you will require. 

Your camping checklist all depends on what you have nearby. If you have a shop nearby, you don’t need to worry about bringing food. However, if you know there is nothing nearby, you need to ensure you pack enough food and water. 

To reduce the amount of space taken up in your bag, we recommend bringing water purification tablets with you and one empty water bottle each. That allows you to refill your water bottle whenever you want at the nearest river/pond. 

Another thing to remember is waterproof items. You never know when it may rain which is why you need all the waterproof clothing you can bring. That includes pants, shirts, jackets and waterproof watch straps such as a NATO watch strap

Plan Out Your Meals

If you know there isn’t a shop near your campsite, you need to make sure you bring enough food. Make sure you bring food that doesn’t require other foods added to it. Bring a pot with you so you can cook those foods as well. All you need to do is bring enough food which is available to cook. Breakfast bars can be good for the morning, sandwiches would be good for the evening and then all you need is something to eat during the evening. 

To Conclude

Camping is a great adventure you can do with your family, friends or just on your own. The first time may seem difficult but after that, it will be easy. You just need to prepare yourself and make sure you write a camping checklist. Camping is a great way to enjoy the wild outdoors, go hiking and enjoy some time away from the big city. 

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