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How to Decorate a Home Office

With our new daily routines, many companies have decided to maintain the remote workflow or give their employees a choice. Where do they want to work from? This gave a lot of people the opportunity to create their workspace at home. But how can you decide which room or space is the best? How would you decorate it? What are the things you need to make it as comfortable and useful as possible? Well, keep reading, and you will find the answers to these and more questions.

Start with choosing the place

Along with working from the comfort of your home, you can also choose the most efficient space to boost your productivity. It is not necessary to be a whole empty room that will be dedicated to the role of a home office. For the same purpose, you can use a free area in your living room, a closed balcony, or redecorate a whole walk-in wardrobe or utility room that you do not use anyway.

It is important to think about what is essential for you. Do you want to be seated near a window and peek outside from time to time? What kind of lighting is perfect for you and makes you feel energetic? Do you want to be around people or completely alone while at work? How much space do you need for your day-to-day tasks, or will make you feel comfortable? And of course, what available space do you have for your future home office?

Once you pick up a place, it will be good to try it on for a few days. Make sure to check off as many essentials from the list as possible. Move just your computer, a chair and a small table. If you feel as you expected, you can move on with creating the space in your home office. However, if this is not the best for you, you can always try another one. Do not forget that you will spend most of your time there, and your comfort is the number one priority.

Make a list of the equipment you need

The main point of a home office is to be functional and comfortable. That is why you have to think about all the equipment and supplies you need. Take the size of the space into consideration. Is it going to get overcrowded or cluttered once everything you need is placed?

Many of our day-to-day tasks require additional devices, but we do not need everyday access to some, like a printer. List all of the devices. Which do you need all the time, which are unnecessary for now and at all? Equip with the essential ones and make yourself a note of what you need to buy after time.

Think about the furniture

Now that you have the space, the equipment and the supplies, it is time to think about the furniture. The main priority you have is a desk and chair choice without any doubt. As already mentioned, you will spend most of your time in this place, working, sitting in one place for hours. You must feel comfortable at all times. Not paying attention to the comfort and quality of a chair or a desk may lead to musculoskeletal issues.

Also, make sure all pieces of furniture are properly dusted and vacuumed before you use them. Experts also recommend having all upholstered items steam cleaned, especially if you’re buying second-hand furniture. Such furniture can also carry pests along with the dust, so performing upholstery steam cleaning will help kill off anything hidden within the fibres.

How to choose a desk

The things you have to think about when choosing a desk are its height and width. The height is crucial, so you do not get hunched over or raise your hands way up. The width of your desk will play a huge role in how much of your equipment you can store on its surface. It is essential because these are the items you need in front of you all the time and will be the easiest to reach out to.

Some additional purposes you can look for in a desk are its quality, multifunctionality, storage space and adjustability. Choosing a desk with extra storage space could be one of the best decisions you could make. No matter how many items you need or not near you, a drawer full of all small supplies, like staples and scissors, is always handy.

Adjustable and multifunctional desks are the perfect choice for people who prefer to stretch their back from time to time and work standing up. Of course, when it comes to multifunctionality, stores are full of different ideas these days. It all depends on your needs or the extras you prefer your desk to have.

How to choose a chair

Probably the most important furniture in your office. The chair you choose for your home office will help your productivity and well-being. A good chair will follow all of your body movements.

Comfort and quality are the main points to look for. The question here is how much time you will spend in a sitting position. For example, if you are most of the time on the go and spend around 4 hours or less in your office, you can choose a less expensive and more ordinary chair. However, if you spend 8-12 hours, it is recommended to select an ergonomic chair with adjustment possibilities and optimum support.

Put some shelving and cabinets

The furniture that will complete your home office to the fullest in terms of functionality is shelving and cabinets. Think about all the items, supplies and equipment you need around you. Think about the space. Do you have enough room for a big cabinet or three small shelves near you will do the job? Will you feel the area is cramped, or you will have enough free space? Once you answer these questions, you will be able to complete the furnishing of the office space.

Use the walls

No matter where you have decided to position your home office and desk, you will have a wall near you. Use it. Either fill it with shelves or turn it into a task manager. Hang a magnet or whiteboard. Put a calendar or fill it with pictures and photos that make you feel inspired. Despite how you decide to use the wall, do not forget that it will be in your sight all the time. Make sure you do not fill it with things that will distract you or make you nervous.

Decorate the place

This includes positioning all the furniture. Straight positioning against a wall or in the middle of the room may be easy, but sometimes a slight tilt may do miracles depending on your needs. For example, if you put your desk in a diagonal position, you might open some additional space for two more chairs or shelving.

Use organising tools and bins to help you with the clutter. For example, an old fashioned paper holder can do miracles with the papers and notes you need to keep near you all the time. You can use transparent bins, or in the same or multi colours.

Pay attention to the small details as well. You need to feel inspired and cosy in this space. Paint the walls in your favourite colour or the one that gives you energy.  Choose the furniture in the design that suits your character the most. Choose lighting or a combination of it that does not tire your eyes.

Create yourself a small break area. Keep an electric kettle and a small basket with your favourite snack and beverages near. Have a blanket or a stress ball conveniently near you. Put pictures and plants on the shelves near you. Put on display your favourite Funko Pop doll or the souvenir from that vacation you took years ago. The only rule you need to follow is how it makes you feel.


Whether big or small your home office is, it is essential for you to feel good, comfortable, and productive when there. Follow your instincts. Listen to your inner voice and give freedom to your creativity. At the end of the day, this is your personal working space. Dedicate it to you. To your priorities, principles, goals and dreams. Create an area where you can give 101% of yourself while having fun and feeling well.

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