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5 Best Platforms to Get Trades Jobs In Australia

5 Best Platforms to Get Trades Jobs In Australia

The great online.

Where you can find food, shelter, woman, practically everything you need in life. What makes jobs so different then? Nothing, duh!

You can find jobs for any profession on the internet. You just need to type a profession in Google search, and there you have it. Then what’s this article about?

Well, the internet is a billion websites trying to provide value to users in exchange for value from users. But in this attempt, a lot of them turn to the dark art of shady morals, others are just weak in providing actual value to users, and some are just downright scammers trying to get your personal info. And when you’re looking for job offers, you’re vulnerable to all those types.


Consider this, a website gives an ad or pops up in the search results claiming they’ve got jobs for you and it’s all for free. You get giddy and signup thinking this is it, you’ve found the perfect job directory. But then they ask for your credit card. Things start sounding a bit skeptical but you roll with it. They ensure there are no hidden fees. You’re confident again. And then bam, hits you with a notification that somebody wants money for their services. That’s the shady kind.


Heartbroken, you turn to the next link on the search results page. This one’s got reviews and everything, they’re practically taking oath they won’t charge you a penny, so you believe in them. You spend some time again signing up. You sign up and wait for jobs to start ringing up your phone. Every call from an unknown number feels like this is it, they’ve started coming. But they never do. That’s the weak kind.


Oh boy, you’re tired of looking for trades jobs online and are thinking about sticking to your conventional methods. You try one last one, open the link, but now your smart enough to tell the sketchy ones apart from weak ones. This one’s simply trying to scam you. You’ve lost all hope.

You find this article, one that will provide you with the best tested and reliable online platforms for trades jobs in Australia. Yeah, so that’s what this article is for.

Let’s dive right into it.

This is a trusted name in the Australian market. You can head over to ServiceSeeking right now with your eyes closed. With over 3 million jobs posted on the website, this is a good place to find jobs for a number of trades. With 2000+ jobs available on an average day. Here you can find trades jobs in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, practically anywhere in Australia.


  • Huge number of available trades jobs
  • Trades jobs available in all states
  • Free signup


  • High competition on free version
  • Limited lead credits
  • Pay commissions on jobs

Facebook marketplace

I’m sharing this one based on personal experience. Being a plumber, I’ve gotten some pretty decent trades jobs in Sydney from the Facebook marketplace myself.
You would think this one’s a no brainer, but it’s so often overlooked. There are a lot of good opportunities here. You can have a public conversation to check out the legitimacy of the job, you can further chat in inbox. A lot of people post trades jobs required around their house or office on Facebook marketplace. It’s fair game, if you give a good quote, no one can steal attention from you.


  • Abundance
  • Fair competition
  • Operates Australia wide


  • No security or guarantee of job
  • Easily get under cut
  • Keep a keen eye on the updates

Facebook groups

Another really great one that will cost you nothing. I’m in a lot of these groups myself and see Trades job in Sydney posts on the daily.

There are so many groups on Facebook. Most regular users seldom interact with Facebook groups anymore. Those of us who started using Facebook in the early days of the app groups were much different and much more specified to a small group of people to interact with each other.

Now groups are used in a much more sensible way. It’s still the same idea but better execution. You can join Facebook groups for your suburb. Almost all local areas have groups to post different types of jobs. You just need to find the ones for trades jobs in your area and you’re good to go.


  • Local jobs
  • High visibility
  • No joining/subscription fee or commissions


  • No security or guarantee of job
  • Not vast enough
  • Local only



Another big name in the industry. Hipages is a platform specific to trades jobs in Australia. You can trust the platform with great customer support service they offer. But a big name has just as big of pros as cons.


  • Abundance of jobs
  • Jobs for all trades &Australia wide
  • Great customer support


  • Pay for quotes that may or may not convert
  • High competition
  • No refunds


This one is a recent one that’s making a good name in the market so far. This app was made literally using the best points of all the big names in the market like hipages and ServiceSeeking minus the points every tradie hates about these names.


  • Fair competition
  • Don’t pay till you get paid
  • Abundance
  • Australia wide


  • Time will tell, for now, none.

That’s it from this article tradies, hope you guys found this helpful.


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