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Why Parents Should Avoid Materialism in the Family?

In a world where many people are still hungry, it can be rather difficult to imagine that it’s a problem to have too much. We shouldn’t be against riches or money, but we should be against wastage of resources, excess and putting money at the highest priority. When we spend so much for little or no benefit, we could introduce bad effects to children. Many children already waste much of their time in front of computers, gaming console, TV and mobile devices. This situation can happen when parents have been denied financial security and material luxury when they’re young. They are eager to make sure that none of their children would feel deprived. Parents may also be concerned that if they say no, their children will stop loving them. Parents think that an ideal family is when parents are always be able to become the best fried of their children. They want to make sure that children will have the best excitement. Parents are not ready to cope with another conflict at home when they have spent the entire day working at work.

Parents should be able to deal with their past life’s disappointments and not treat their kids improperly. They are often eager to work hard to please their family and provide many enjoyment that they couldn’t get during their childhood. However, this situation could cause children to become financially dependent until their adulthood. Financial problem could happen to them and they will become more prone to anxiety. Despite the seemingly abundant financial backup, spoiled children are essentially deprived of  many things in life. They may also lack the necessary self-worth and they often feel poor inside. Spoiled children will become insecure adult, because they realize that they are no longer given money. Because they are unable to predict long-term financial future, they are worried that they can’t sustain themselves. This may result in failure in marriage because many divorce cases are caused by financial issues. Spoiled children always see the world in a materialistic way and they are eager to pursue a life full of riches. This can become a positive encouragement, but many of them don’t know how to work hard and this can also become a negative factor in life. There are many physical symptoms caused by stress and frustrations, such as chronic headaches, sleeplessness, panic attacks and others.

As a solution, parents should make sure that they can raise children in a proper environment. They need to get the right concept about hard work and how to better achieve financial security. Parents need to make sure that children are able to achieve proper balance in life. The main concern shouldn’t be money, but an actual happiness. Overall, happiness is easy to achieve as long as we don’t depend on materialism. Money is a huge requirement in modern life, but it should be treated as tool and children should be properly taught how to obtain and achieve it.

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