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Luxury Cars: 5 Most Popular Models Available for Rent

Today, cars are available for rent wherever you go. Are you going to visit Canada? Hertz in Union Station Toronto will offer you a large selection of cars. Do you want to have a road trip around the USA? Car rental in Los Angeles or Chicago is waiting for you!

Premium cars have consistently attracted the attention of drivers around the world. It’s even not about the original technical solutions, but about unsurpassed comfort and luxury, which simultaneously symbolizes the prestige of its owner.

Indeed, a premium car is a vehicle that will bring you thousands miles of an unforgettable trip and this fact is confirmed by millions of drivers who rent luxury cars for traveling. But what models are rented most often? Check out the following list…

Audi A8

The Audi A8 is an all-wheel-drive luxury executive and, concurrently, the flagship of the German automaker model range, and is a showcase of its technical achievements. The target audience of the four-door luxury car is businessmen, celebrities, politics, or just those travelers who appreciate comfort and want to express their high social status.

Audi A8 features quite good technical parameters. The engine volume of 3.0 liters shows good dynamics. It makes no sense to talk about the appearance and quality of the interior – as always, they are at their best, so they don’t cause any complaints. Currently, Audi A8 in good demand on the world stage – its annual circulation is about 25 thousand copies.


Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Mercedes-Benz S-class has a fantastically stylish appearance. Indeed, the car is very beautiful, luxurious and just huge!

The profile of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class demonstrates the proportions of a classic sedan with a long hood, massive wheel arches, large-diameter discs and sporting mirrors.

In general, the car looks stylish, dynamic and elegant. The German car is simple and concise – smooth lines create a complete image of the back. The most noticeable elements, perhaps, are modern parking lights and a solid bumper with two trapezium exhaust pipes.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class salon is replete with high-quality materials, including natural leather and wood, as well as metal inserts. In this case, a choice of many different color combinations and options is available. Another important thing is that everything is assembled perfectly, as it should be for a car of this class!

The front seats of the luxurious German provide the driver and passenger with truly royal comfort. They are equipped with heating, ventilation, dynamic support in turns and a bunch of electric drives.


Lexus LS

The car received a bold design and luxurious interior, retained an exceptionally long base version, changed the modular platform and got a bunch of high-tech chips.

Without exaggeration, Lexus LS can be called the most spectacular player of the executive class – its aggressive and stunning appearance is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent, and the original design ideas are literally everywhere.

The interior is built in complete harmony with the look – inside the car, solid style is combined with natural finishing materials and the highest level of assembly. The exemplary instructive dashboard combines the arrow pointers and the color screen of the onboard computer. In addition, steering wheel carries a high functional load.


Cadillac CT6

The exterior of the Cadillac CT6 shows all the major features of the American brand, but the flagship skills in it are traced instantly – the car looks elegant, graceful and incredibly beautiful.

In front, the sedan is equipped with spectacular lighting system with futuristic ‘blades’ of running lights encircling the chrome shield of the radiator grille, and behind it exposes the faceted shapes with beautiful lanterns and a quartet of exhaust pipes.

The high status of the American is emphasized by the classic limousine-style silhouette with a long hood, expressive sides and graceful wheel disks.

The interior of the Cadillac CT6 attracts attention with its luxurious design, an abundance of modern equipment and an exquisite combination of high-class finishing materials, including genuine leather, wooden, aluminum, carbon and plastic inserts. The digital dashboard looks elegant and provides a huge amount of information, while the impressive steering wheel is notable for its high functionality.


BMW 7-Series

When discussing the luxury cars, you shouldn’t miss the BMW 7-Series. At the same time, this car is the true embodiment of comfort and ergonomics. Last year there was another restyling, so now this vehicle is one of the most popular.

The strength of the appearance of the 7-Series is in detail, which together form a holistic and complete image. The look of the car look incredible thanks to the stylish LED lighting system, embossed bumper, brand car grille, harmonious taillights with LED component, as well as large 21-inch wheels. Due to this fact, the representative Bavarian looks energetic, sporty and solid.

Premium cars are very popular among travelers, especially those who are accustomed to comfort and luxury. Of course, among the available model range of companies you can find a much larger number of cars to your taste, but the above-mentioned vehicles are the most popular in their class. These 5 models are the ultimate embodiment of prestige, style, and confidence wherever you go!

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