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Booster or start-charging device? Helping out the auto tourist

The majority of the motorists are familiar with the problem of starting the engine due to a dead battery. The problem is repeatedly exacerbated in the winter season. A battery, like any technical device, requires some maintenance. However, we often have not enough time for this. Coming home from work, we want to relax instead of fixing your car. Therefore, we often travel with a discharged battery for weeks and months. The strength of the battery usually ends all of a sudden, and it refuses to supply current to the starter. As a result, the car turns into a pile of immovable metal. In this article, you are going to read about what to do in this case.

Problem and solution

To restore battery power after starting the car, it takes at least some time to drive at high speed (with a crankshaft speed of more than 2 thousand revolutions per minute). Unfortunately, we rarely go in this mode in the city. In winter, the problem is exacerbated by low temperatures. As a result, your car refuses to start. In case this happens near home, you can bring the battery home, warm up and recharge using the car battery charger. What if this happens at work or at parking lot, or, in general, in a roadside cafe on the highway? What to do then? We will have to look for a car to charge. At the same time, it is necessary to have wires with jaws. In case it does not work out, you will need to pay for a tow truck or haul a heavy battery to the nearest car service. How to avoid such situations?

Portable car batteries are a great solution of problems associated with the car battery somewhere away from home. On other hand, it is possible that you will not need them when hiring Thrifty West Hampstead cars, as their maintenance is always at a high level.



There are two types of devices for starting automotive batteries:

  1. Start-charging devices

The base of the start-charging devices is a transformer. They have impressive dimensions and weight, making it difficult to transport them manually. In addition, their work requires a connection to a stationary AC network with a voltage of 220V. Among the advantages should be noted the possibility of charging the car battery. Moreover, in some models there are modes of desulphation and storage with recharging. It is possible to use most models of start-charging devices with batteries of different voltages.


  1. Offline starting devices (boosters)

Boosters appeared on the market relatively recently, but the demand for them is growing every year. This device is a high-capacity battery with an electronic board, which is connected to the vehicle battery and is capable of cranking the starter several dozen times. They cannot ensure the charge of the battery, but they have built-in USB-connectors for charging smartphones and tablets. In addition, many models are equipped with LED flashlight, which will be very useful in traveling. The disadvantage of these devices can be considered the need to charge after operation, but some models could be charged not only from a stationary AC network, but also from the vehicle’s on-board network via a cigarette lighter.

In cases, when you have forgotten about your personal car battery maintenance, a portable battery replacement is useful. External batteries to start the engine will be helpful. Here is one of the examples of portable batteries on the market.

Lavita 14000 mAh

The offline Lavita 14000 mAh pre-charger is designed to charge various batteries and to quickly start engines, when the battery is completely discharged. The maximum starting current (400A) allows you to start almost any passenger car. Included are adapters for most modern devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. With this device you can fully charge, for example, a smartphone – up to 7 times, a tablet – up to 6 times, or a laptop – to 3 times.

Due to the presence of indicators on the side panel, the device warns about the state of charge. There is also a built-in powerful flashlight, which can transmit the SOS signal. The device is very compact and has a fairly extensive package. For convenience of transportation, the manufacturer provides a folder -cover.


Summing up, it should be noted that the start-charging device is more suitable for people who put the car in the garage with electricity supplied to not only make an emergency start of the engine, but also to charge the battery in case of need. Those, who put the car in the parking lot or near the house, as well as those, who often travel long distances and are fond of sports tourism, best purchase boosters.

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