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Manual VS Automatic Car! Which One Suits You THE MOST?

South California is a happy and sunny state that everyone wants to visit at least once a year. Planning a trip to Los Angeles? Whether you want to take a beach vacation or visit GRAMMY, you have to drive a car. Which car do you prefer? Automatic and manual transmission car rental in Los Angeles will give you a vehicle according to your driving style. It is very important to pick the car you feel comfortable in. Pay attention to transmission. If you prefer mechanic, you have to indicate it in your form. So, what’s the difference? Here is all information you should know about transmissions to make the right choice at the counter.

1964 Ford Galaxie 4 Door Hardtop 468ci (Canadian Assembled, Right Hand Drive, & NZ New!) (Mike Lee)



Automatic transmissions are popular these days. This is a good choice for many American drivers. And for good reason!

  1. Easy to use

It is not a secret that many people have difficulties using manual cars. It takes years of practice to feel comfortable while driving such a car. But if compare automatic and mechanic cars, the first one is much simpler to learn to drive. It takes a little time to learn.

  1. Good for hilly road

According to the experts’ opinion, a car with automatic transmission is what you need at a hilly road, especially if you are not much experienced in driving. Your car goes smoothly and plane no matter how hilly the road is. Thus, with a manual car you might have dead stops, skidding, stalling, difficulties to control the car speed and slow down when it is needed.

  1. Good for heavy traffic

Of course, if the car is easy to control, you will never have problems with driving even when the traffic is heavy. Sure enough, if you don’t have difficulties with starting a car, changing gears, stopping manual engine, you will never have problems either. Practice means much in this case. If you are not able to get up to proper speed or slow down the car, you make a crash situation on the road.

  1. No stalling

As it was said before, manual cars need more attention. If you are not able to start the car when the traffic light changes, you’d better to pick an automatic transmission. Stalling on the road may happen at the each and every traffic light! That is not a trip you dreamed about.

Classic & Sports Cars By The Lake 2012



Europeans like driving manual cars. Sometimes, Americans pick such a car for their trip because it is cheaper. Manual transmissions need must attention and skilled driving. What are the pros of a manual driving style?

  1. Cheap deal

When you rent a car online or even at the rental counter, you can compare the prices. You can get a cheap deal when you rent an economy class car with mechanic transmission. This is a good choice for people who are limited in their budget. Sure enough, such a car will cost you hundreds of dollar less than an automatic analogue of the same size and brand.

  1. Easy to repair

Of course, automatic cars are easy to control if you are not good at changing gears. But if something goes wrong on the road and you have difficulties with your car, it will cost you more money to repair an automatic car. Mechanic cars need very little efforts. They are less costly to repair. But don’t forget to inform your rental agency about the road troubles to get the money for reparation back on your account. If you don’t want to repair the car on your own, call for the road service.

26.d. 1972 Holden Torana LJ 308ci 4-Speed, 9in Diff Coupe


  1. Fuel efficient

As a rule, manual cars are equipped with simple engines. They are less weight and take less petrol per kilometer. What is the difference? Their simplified construction helps to save about 5-15% of the fuel cost.

  1. Better control

Are you surprised? Of course, as it was said before, manual cars need special skill and years of practice to drive with comfort. Also, they help you to avoid stalling at the traffic light. But if everything is ok with your driving skill and you don’t feel any difficulties driving a manual car, you can try such a car for a difficult road. The manual car is more reliable on the road. You can make your car to make a supped turn, stop or build any other sudden action according to the road conditions.

San Francisco


What car to choose for a comfortable driving? What are you going to do to see as many interesting places as you can? Think! Factually, there is no bad or good car. There is a car that suits you the most by price, size, color, and driving style. To conclude, the automatic transmission vehicle is easier to use and really comfortable to drive. Mechanic vehicles are cheaper and more reliable. But if you want to decide and know for sure which car to choose, ask for a test drive.

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