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New York State: 4 Nature Getaways You Can Go by Car Rental

New York is not only the city full of skyscrapers, but also a large and diverse state. While NYC itself is uniquely interesting, New York State has many natural attractions to enjoy. Majestic lakes, amazing parks, mighty mountains and the world’s most famous waterfall are the perfect set for an exciting road trip.

As the state capital, Albany will be an excellent starting point for your journey. If you are traveling with your family, book van rental Albany NY and get ready for a new experience.

In this selection, you will find the most amazing nature getaways in New York State that are definitely worth a visit.

Watkins Glen Park

Due to the incredible beauty, many consider Watkins Glen State Park to be a real miracle of nature. It’s located near the town of Watkins Glen, located in the central part of the NY state. It will take you about 3 hours to get there in your rental car from Albany, but what you see will be a great reward for your efforts.

One of the most beautiful places in the park is a picturesque 400-meter-long gorge with a depth of about 120 meters. For millennia, the Glen Creek has carved it through the rock. Not far from the town is the Seneca Lake, which is part of the Finger Lakes. It gives the area a unique look.

The entrance to this wonderful park is free, while you only have to pay for the parking located near the park. Already from the bridge at the entrance you will admire the stunning scenery. The climbing path with eight hundred steps also deserves attention.

The territory of Watkins Glen Park has three interconnected terraces. They allow visitors to inspect both the bottom of the gorge and climb to its top. Convenient and beautiful stone paths placed along the perimeter of the gorge make it possible to admire this marvelous creation of nature from many angles.


Hudson Valley

This place is situated in the north of New York State with many picturesque towns around. The Hudson Valley is very beautiful at any time of the year. Many residents of the Big Apple come there to admire the beauty of nature. There’s practically no public transport, thus this place is great for cycling or driving a rental car. Set off to Highway 9 along the east bank of the river for incredible views.

The Hudson River Valley is an excellent spot for swimming, picnicking, walking and fishing. On the western shore is Harriman State Park with several lakes, which are nice to swim in on a hot summer day. 

Bear Mountain State Park is a wonderful place for hiking, sledding and ice skating. In the park area there’s a zoo created to protect endangered species of local fauna. By the way, the Hudson Valley is located just 58 miles from Albany, which makes getting there by rental car quick and easy.


Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a delightful natural wonder and a real decoration of North America. It’s located between Canada and the United States, in the western part of New York State. It’s far enough away from big cities, thus you’ll spend about 4 hours to reach it from Albany in a rental car.

Stormy Niagara water falls from a height of 50 meters, creating an amazing show. The width of the waterfall is over 1,000 meters. The sparkling stream sweeps away everything in its path, and the spray from it scatters several tens of meters. The roar of the waterfall goes far throughout the entire district.

In order to appreciate all the power and splendor of Niagara Falls, you need to visit the Table Rock. At its top, there’s a special observation deck providing a breathtaking view of the waterfall. The rock seems to be hiding behind a layer of falling water. 

In order not to get wet through, don’t forget to purchase protective clothing. On clear days it’s especially beautiful there – the sun’s rays create colorful rainbows around the waterfall. With the coming of night, dozens of searchlights light up and visitors seem to find themselves in a wonderful fairy tale.


Adirondack Park

The giant park occupies a large part of the NY state. It starts 70 miles north of Albany and extends for many kilometers throughout the area. If you rent a car, you can thoroughly explore the most secret corners of the park. They include lakes, rivers with rushing waterfalls, cliffs, rafting, camping areas and fishing spots.

The Adirondack is one of the favorite vacation spots for New Yorkers during the hot summer months, when it’s too hot in the city. The weather is a little cooler in the mountains, and there’s no high humidity. 

The traditional way to relax is to stay at one of the picturesque lakes and explore the area by car. The roads are very good and reliable. They lead to​observation decks, offering fascinating views of the park.

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