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Learn How To Cope Travel Fears & Support Your Family!

You decided to travel with your family! How lucky you are to find some time for traveling! Family trip can be your passion but it needs hours of preparations. Stop panic! The flight tickets come first. Then you should rent a car in the airport to place all your family members comfortably. Having more than 5 passengers, it is better to take a large SUV. 7-seater car rental helps a lot! It has much space for passengers and their luggage. Besides, you can save much money on 7-seater rental if you book a car far in advance. Your 6-years-old kids, teens, and adult passengers can spend time together amicably in such a car.

Still worry?

You are not alone in your fears! Many people experience pre-travel anxiety. You may be scared of flights, or feel stressed because of packing, booking hotel. You are afraid to forget something important or lose money on taxes. There are many reasons to feel stressed! Will you get to the airport on time? Will everyone have enough space in the car? The list of your fears seems to be endless. What are you going to do to overcome your stress?

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  1. Research destination

What car is the best for a new road? What are you going to do while traveling? Where are you going to stop the car for dinner? What are the best places to investigate a new territory? Have you already booked a hotel? Plan everything carefully. Research a new destination, note down all emergency numbers and addresses. Go online and put your questions on the local forums.

  1. Find photos

It is not difficult to find pictures of all places you are going to visit. It is really important to have a visual focus and a small reminder of why you’ve picked that exact country, city, state. Show these photos to you kids. Ask them where they want to go and what to see. Work on this question together. Also, it helps you to calm down for some time and get back your belief that everything will be ok.

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  1. Get to the airport in time

It can be rather stressful to get late to the airport. That’s why you’d better to plan it beforehand. Of course, it is not pleasant for you and for your family members to sit in the taxi and wait the car move on and on, getting out of the jam. Pre-book a taxi! Also, you can ask your friend to help you with transfer. Make sure you know the date and time of your departure and try to arrive in the airport minimum three hours before your flight. Phew, it looks like everything will be ok this time!

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  1. Pack beforehand

That’s not a good idea leaving packing to the last minute. Just do it now! Make a packing list and try to pack everything according to your list. It is great if you do it earlier so that you have time to overthink and add something if needed. You also have time to take something out if you decided you don’t need this thing anymore. If you are still nervous, check your valise as many times as it is possible. Packing beforehand you just can’t forget anything. But don’t worry if you have finally forgotten your favorite jeans or even something more important. Look around! There must be a shop aside the road or somewhere in a new city. You can simply buy everything you need or have forgotten.

  1. Separate money and keep them safe

If you feel nervous because of money, separate your travel budget from the rest of your money and keep them safe. Planning your budget, try to add some extra money in case of emergency or if you need something to buy. If it doesn’t help, try to pay for everything beforehand: car rental, hotel, group tours, restaurant evening shows, everything that can be prepaid. You can get a big sale or at least the cheapest price. It usually helps to ease your anxiety.

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  1. Accept your problem

You just try to be always busy with your planning to forget about your anxiety and travel fears. It’s ok to worry about something! It is absolutely normal that you are worry of your kids, friends, their comfort and wellbeing. Just control your anxiety. You shouldn’t fight! Just relax, talk to your co-travelers and share your problem. You may listen to your favorite music or practice yoga, drink coffee or visit gym. Bring your stress down!

Planning your trip, remember, that your kids may have even more fears than you think you have. Your task is to help them to overcome. It often happens that helping others you can forget about your own problem. So, breathe and start packing!

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