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How to Remove Foul Odor Inside Your House?

There are many foul odors that can be found inside our house. Strong fumes, lingering pet odors and tobacco odor can stay for a long time inside our room. Unfortunately, products like air fresheners and room deodorizers can mask these odors for only a short period of time. We may need real products that can solve our overall air cleaning need for a long period of time. Also, deodorizers and fresheners will introduce new chemicals into the interior, making the interior air becomes dirtier than before. When the pollutants have reached a high level, family members can be affected by respiratory issues and allergies.

We need to make sure that we have clean and fresh air in our home. Strong odor and pollutants can be particularly dangerous for people who have allergies and asthma. When particles and other harmful objects reach the respiratory tracts and lungs, adverse reactions may occur. In order to keep our family safe, we need to have air purifiers inside our home. Whatever model we choose, we should make sure that it is effective enough purify the indoor air. We should be aware of the volume of the air that goes through the system. There are different indicators to determine the effectiveness of air purifiers.

When purchasing air purifier, we should make sure that it is able to remove pollen, dust, tobacco smoke and other pollutants. One important indicator is CFM or the amount of air that can be purified at specific cubic feet per minute. We should make sure that the air purifier device has been certified and known to work properly to remove fumes, odors and airborne contaminants. Air purifiers should use effective filtration methods that can clean and neutralize any awful odor inside our house. As an example, activated carbon filters are able to effectively remove chemical toxins and harmful gases.

A special type of charcoal could have many tiny pores that can trap various liquids and harmful gases. With enough surface area, the activated charcoal could attract chemical toxins, gases and odors. However, we should know that carbon filter can become less effective over time. It means that air purifier device will need replacement filters to eliminate VOX or volatile organic compounds. Some air purifiers also have optional UV feature that can sterilize the air by killing bacteria and other small organisms. If the contaminants in our house is quite serious, we may consider using heavy duty air purifiers.

In order to achieve high performance purification capability, we need to purchase HEPA device that is able to filter more than 99.9 percent of the pollutants in the air. The 0.3 micron filter is able to remove pet dander, pollen and dust particles. However, we should know that there are different models of HEPA filters depending on the manufacturer. Even so, no matter how small the filter is, HEPA can’t remove odor and fumes like activated filters that can work on atomic level. It means that HEPA filter should also have activated carbon component for better results.

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