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Three Myths About Stainless Steel Cookware

For various reasons, many people are reluctant to use stainless steel cookware. This could happen due to some misconceptions. Here are a few inaccurate assumptions about stainless steel cookware:

  1. Stainless steel is difficult to maintain and clean: With proper maintenance and care, stainless steel cookware should last a lifetime. It could help you to cook proper meal. With good maintenance and cleanup process, stainless steel cookware could look as good 30 years later. Although stainless steel cookware can be classified as dishwasher safe, it’s better to hand wash it with warm, soapy water. After it’s squeaky clean, you need to dry it immediately with soft cloth. This will prevent the formation of spots on stainless steel cookware. You should also let the stainless steel cookware to cool down, before you expose it to water. Material degradation could happen when the temperature changes abruptly.
  2. Stainless steel cookware isn’t healthy: Stainless steel is made by combining iron with small amount of nickel and chromium. Chromium is actually beneficial in trace amount and iron is among the most crucial minerals for our health. When ingested in large quantity, nickel can be quite harmful, but only trace amount is released into your food. However, people who are allergic to nickel may need to avoid stainless steel cookware. Teflon surface isn’t especially durable and small particles will be released after years of use. Small bits of Teflon could enter your meal, which will be bad for your health. It means that stainless steel is a safe surface for food preparation. It’s less likely for the surface to harbour germs and bacteria. Stainless steel cookware is also known for its flavour preservation. A good quality stainless steel cookware should have 5 layers, which ensure durability and proper heat distribution. Aluminium conducts heat well, but the external layer may corrode easily. Waterless cookware can be cleaned quite easily, without sacrificing heat distribution. When cooking, you should make sure that ingredients can be cooked faster even if you use less water. By using less water, you can retain more vitamins and minerals in your food. You may prevent the probability of disease, if you have vitamin-rich diet. Age-related diseases can also be prevented if you choose any healthy ingredient that discourages oxidation of body tissue.

It’s expensive: It’s true that some sets of stainless steel cookware can be quite expensive reaching more than $2000. However, you can drive down the price by choosing the right type. Many quality sets are available at under $200. When choosing a set, make sure that it has lifetime warranties, good heat distribution and proper durability. For any family, it’s a good investment to purchase the right cookware. You should research your options properly, before you make the right kind of decision. Always weigh in all the pros and cons, so you can make the best informed decision. Cutlery, flatware, skillets and stockpots made from stainless steel should be good for your entire family. You can use common sense to ensure that you get best solution in the market.

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