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Steps For Blogging Your Way to Affiliate Success

Steps For Blogging Your Way to Affiliate Success

Are you getting ready to enter the world of affiliate marketing? Or, do you already work as an affiliate but want to use a blog to help drive traffic? No matter where you are in the learning curve of affiliate money-making, creating and nurturing a high-quality blog can go a long way toward bringing thousands of eyeballs to your offer.

The best part of leveraging the power of blogging to boost sales is that there are several ways to go about it, depending on your talents and preferences. If you look at some of the top sites out there, they all have a few things in common. Even though they all take different approaches, they use the general concept of content-driven blogs to attract attention and potential buyers. Here’s how you can get started.

Be Subtle and Indirect

Suppose you’re trying to drive customers to your main program or offer. One way that takes a while but pays off in nearly every situation is aiming for a general audience. If you are in search of older men who need lawn tools, you might build a site that caters to anyone looking for information about yard maintenance.

The indirect technique means you’ll need to supply the pages with high-quality, information-rich articles about taking care of lawns, how to resolve problems with yard pests, how to buy fertilizer, what bushes are best for landscaping, and similar topics. Then, don’t forget to place your affiliate link in a high-visibility spot within each piece. That way, everyone who visits will be exposed to your offer in one way or another.

Use Reviews

Review round-ups and top-ten rankings are an effective way to put the spotlight on whatever product of service you’re trying to drum up business for. A good example of this strategy occurs in the online trading niche, where prospective traders and investors go for useful data. For instance, if you use the review method, an article title might be something like, “The Top Precious Metals Platforms,” or “Four Brokers for Advanced Traders.” The entire process of a website that uses reviews is to offer objective, actionable information for people who are looking for a provider or product of one type or another, in this case brokers.

Be Direct

Instead of beating around the bush in an indirect way or offering product/service reviews in your affiliate niche, you can always come right out and state your intentions. This kind of to-the-point marketing is a turn-off for some customers, but can be effective with others.

Chances are, you’ve already witnessed many websites that begin by informing readers, “I’m an affiliate marketer for ABC brand products, and want to tell you about the company’s newest item…”The vast majority of sites like these begin with a very brief disclaimer statement like, “Disclosure: I earn a very small commission on any of the products or services you click on within these pages. However, all the opinions and product reviews are objective and are not influenced by those payments”. In some countries, this type of disclosure might be required by regulations, to help readers understand that the author might earn revenue from the content.

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