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How to Reduce Our Dependence on TV?

We should try to become healthy and fit, but many of us simply lack the motivation and time. There are many distractions that prevent us from following through with proper fitness regimens. One of the biggest obstacles is TV and we should be able to find the proper time by adopting the right daily schedules. By becoming less dependent of television, we should be able to find more rewarding activities. Many people watch TV for hours and it is better for us if we are able to choose healthier tasks. With more spare time, the sky is the limit; because we are able to do so many things. Admittedly, there’s no way we can avoid watching TV and it is better to create a proper TV watching schedule.

Once we have a proper TV watching schedule, we need to stick to it. There should be a clear and definite allowance of TV-hour for each person in the family. There could also be consequences if one family member breaks the rule. There should also be no TV at dinner, because this could extend the TV watching period. The best thing to do is simply to remove the TV from the dining area. This is a time for direct conversation with each family member and we need to be able to connect with one another. Many households have more than one TV. In this situation, it would be much better if we have only a single set of television. Having a TV set in the bedroom will make it very difficult for us to stick with the schedule.

It is also a good idea if we are able to move TV in a more remote location, such as the basement or a small room upstairs. Putting TV in the living room is a common setup in many households, but this could cause people to watch too much. The family room should be designated as a place where everyone can have a quality family time by  interacting with one another, instead of watching TV. In fact, by removing the TV set from the living room; we could find that our house becomes much more peaceful. The TV should be placed in a special entertainment room, along with other entertainment devices. In order to further cut down on the TV watching activities, we should also use password protection, so the TV set can’t be used all the time.

There’s no way for children to be able to access a password-protected TV set and this will ensure that they won’t watch too much TV. The remote controller could also be hidden to make harder to turn on and use the TV. If the problem becomes serious enough parents may decide to terminate their satellite and cable subscriptions. This will allow them to save up to $100 per month that can be allocated for various family activities. A single board game can cost about $25 and provide the family with weeks of exciting interactions with one another.

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