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Cell Phone – Effects on Health and Lifestyle

Remember the time when everything was happy go lucky. The health was not an issue and people used to have long, happy and healthy lives? Not really, yes. Because the technology today as efficient and helpful it is, it is also destructive and has been playing a part in destroying our health and life.

Starting with life style, it is often said that the relationships, love life and marriages used to last a whole lot longer than they are now. But, have you ever pondered why is that so? No. Lemme give you an elaborated analysis.

Studies has shown that people today are spending most of their time online, whether it is for work purpose or for other reasons. I’m not saying that staying online is not helpful for people who have anxiety or major social issues, it is. In fact, it helps people grow and learn a lot of things about the moving and existing world. But, for couples, it might be dangerous. Today the cellphones have made us so addicted to the online life that we usually forget to play our part in the real life. We forget that our loved ones want our time and love. We forget how it is a two way path and both the parties should be as involved with other as possible. Staying active on social media has its perks undoubtedly but the most dreadful con is the fall of relationships. Most of the people despite of being in relationship have already readied a backup plan Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket in case their partners befall the duty. We have stopped believing in mending fences and instead we are now up and about jumping to the next possible option. This is what social media and excessive phone using has destroyed in us.

The lifestyles of the kids are too under crisis. As parents it’s our duty to spend time with our family, specially growing kids. Instead of handing gadgets to the young ones we all need to spend quality time with them. This will help them learn the importance of family time, this will remind them always how much you love them. Mobile radiation albeit being minor can still cause harm to a developing brain this is why we all need to take precautions when handing gadgets to a minor. Try to reduce screen time as much as possible of your kids or siblings.

Health issues are real; you cannot close your eyes at everything you are being told since day one about technology. I know, the radiation produced by a cell phone is not as harsh as the other radiation are, but you all still need to understand the threat of radiation. It is predicted that one day the earth will blast over because of all the radiation and energies interacting with each other. We need to be cautious about our gadgets.

Radiation are so harmful, it does not break skin or tear tissue, it works on DNA levels. It is used to treat cancer because it can break the DNA of a cancer cell, now imagine how much destruction it can cause to a normal, healthy cell.

All you are advised to make a change today to your lifestyle. Reduce your screen time it also affects your eyesight and memory. Take up healthy food and exercise, this will help you maintain a healthy life and routine.

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